Icon color masterbatch



Concentrate with the precise color tone provides economical self-dying for the raw polymer without changing the polymer’s mechanical properties.

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Icon Additive Masterbatch



Concentrate for precisely modifying polymer properties. It allows precise conditioning of the raw polymer in various areas such as light resistance, heat resistance, anti-static properties and others.

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Icon Pigment Powder



Dust-bonded pigment powder is the most cost-effective and rapidly deliverable alternative to color masterbatches for dyeing raw polymer.

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Icon Compounds



Dyes and modifications of the polymer properties based on the raw polymer used. The compound can be subjected to additional processing without any further mixing.

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We offer Solutions in Polymertechnology – For More than 85 Years


Treffert specialises in the development, manufacture and distribution color masterbatches and additive masterbatches, pigment powder mixtures and compounds for dyeing and efficiently, precisely modifying the properties of plastics.

True to our motto “color follows function”, we develop high-tech solutions for individual technical requirements in the widest variety of applications. Our customers profit from our 85 years of experience, a solution-oriented focus on consulting and unconventional personal service in the field of plastic conditioning.

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News from Plastics Engineering

  • Treffert SAS – New double screw extruder by Coperion christened

    5. December 2014
    Treffer SAS has put a new double screw extruder into operation. This is a model ZSK 32 MC18 Smart made by Coperion. The model with its “smart design” is characterised by the complete integration of all connections and cables in the machine’s base frame, which makes cleaning and operation easy. Also new is the control system called CSpro along with the high-resolution torque measurement. With a torque of 18Nm/cm3, the torque output is increased by 30% compared to the predecessor model, which makes considerably higher throughput possible. The K-Zeitung reports about the expansion of our machine pool. You can read the ...

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Contact Person

Our Application Engineers


for the regions of Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and Baden-Wurttemberg:

Eric Strauß
Dipl.Wirt.Ing. (FH)
phone: + 49 (0) 67 21 403-78
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for the regions of Nordrhein-Westfalen, Lower-Saxony and Bremen:

Martin Ebenhög
Dipl.-Ing. Chemieingenieurwesen
phone: + 49 (0) 67 21 403-69
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for the regions of Eastern Germany, Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg:

Brigitte Jessen
Dipl.-Ing. Verfahrenstechnik
phone: + 49 (0) 67 21 403-67
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for the regions of Bavaria and Hesse:

Sascha Klamp
Technischer Betriebswirt
phone: + 49 (0) 67 21 403-80
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for the region of Eastern France:

Guillaume Fenyes
Ingénieur Application technique
phone: + 33 (0) 38 73 184-85
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for the region of South Eastern France:

Guillaume Fenyes
phone: + 33 (0) 38 73 184-85
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for the regions of Southern France, other regions and export:

Marc Marchand
Ingénieur A. et M.
phone.: +33 (0) 38 73 184-87
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for the regions of Western- and North France:

Murielle Berthier-Heinle
phone: + 33 (0) 38 73 184-86
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